“There’s power in the tongue” – Actress, Nnanna tearfully appeals to Nigerians to stop being pessimistic about the country


Nollywood actress, Uchenna Nnanna amid tears has pleaded with Nigerians to stop prophesying negativity into the country.

Nnanna who made this appeal during an Instagram live session where she bitterly lamented about the situation of things in Nigeria, advised that people should start saying only positive things about the country as there’s power in the tongue.

She averred that repeatedly prophesying negativity would only make the situation of the country worse than it is presently.

She said,

“When I hear people use the words like Nigeria will never be well again, It’s not good. There’s power in the tongue… Let’s stop using that word ‘Nigeria will never be well again, Nothing will work in Nigeria’. Please if you’re one of the people that use such words, stop it! There’s power in the tongue. Someday this country will be Good, please please if there’s anybody around you using that word “Nigeria will not be well again”, cation them, tell them not to use that word”.


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