Nigerian man makes amazing wall painting with brush like wallpaper, photos of his work cause massive stir


Nigerians are known to ne specialist in what they do, every rime in life, they surface with amazing form of talents that makes one question if the dimensions in a craft has been completely exhausted .

A Nigerian man got social media talking after he shared photos of his painting on wall with brush – Social media gushed over the painting that appeared to be a replica of a wallpaper

A Nigerian man has exhibited a new form of artisitic talent. The young man took to Twitter to share photos of his amazing painting skill.

In the photos that has gone viral, the man with the handle @peniel_art painting a full wall painting that appears to be a replica of a wallpaper. To douse the disbelief that greeted his amazing talent he shared two videos depicting how he placed the first painting up to the last.


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